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Bohdan Manko / UR5WKM / @mkbodanu4

Backend PHP developer with Frontend experience
Amateur Radio Operator

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About Me

Welcome to my personal web page. Here I listed brief details about me, my biography, work history, skills, hobbies and contacts. Feel free to contact me for more details.

Also here (on the right side, if you are using a PC now, or below - if a smartphone) you can see my actual availability. I will keep it updated.

Work History:

I'm a PHP developer who has been a freelance full-stack developer since 2012.

2012, being a freshman at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv I made my first steps in freelancing. Later on, I switched to Elance, but at that time it became Upwork so since 2015 I have worked mostly on that platform.

By this time, I have successfully completed over 100 contracts with more than 70 clients all over the globe.

Since March 2023 I work as Backend PHP Developer at Grodas.

My biggest interest is creating web applications to automate business activities while improving their productivity and profit.

Technologies stack:
  • PHP (Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress)
  • JavaScript (jQuery, React)
  • MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Bootstrap (HTML, CSS)
  • Linux/Windows-based servers, shared hosting, VPS/VDS, cPanel/SSH
Most experienced in:
  • PHP and CodeIgniter Framework
  • jQuery
  • REST APIs integration and development
  • LAMP stack on Ubuntu, CentOS, and Arch Linux-based servers

2016, finished bachelor's degree in Biology.

2018, finished master's degree in Human and Animal Biology and started my Ph.D.

2022, still doing Ph.D. in human biology.


I have been interested in electronics, computers, games, and DIY all time I know myself. Spent tons of time exploring Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, Raspberry Pi, and a bunch of sensors, tools, and devices. Also, I'm quite interested in retro electronics, like vacuum tubes. Have a small collection of that old masterpieces as well.

I have telegram channel "Molfar's Workshop" since 2019 and a personal blog "Molfar's Workshop" since 2020. There I post about my DIY devices, experiments, or articles with instructions or useful information for other DIY-lovers.

2021, I become a licensed amateur radio operator with call sign UR5WKM. Active on CB with call sign 315CB015.

Member of amateur club LKK (#141). Member of SSTV MODE CLUB (#SMC107). Member of FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) (#22401).

Pet Projects

Ukrainian APRS DIGI/IGate stations’ status

Real-time Map of APRS stations, DIGIpeated via ISS

Open-source tool to track the APRS stations, DIGIpeated via International Space Station (ISS) . Python backend, PHP API, WordPress UI.

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Ukrainian APRS DIGI/IGate stations’ status

Ukrainian APRS DIGI/IGate stations’ status

Open-source tool to track the statuses of APRS stations. Python backend, PHP API, WordPress UI.

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Spotify Import/Export

Spotify Import/Export

Simple tool to move songs from one Spotify Account to another. Spotify API, PHP, Bootstrap.

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Ukrainian Troubles

Ukrainian Troubles

Just a dynamic meme, made in 20 minutes. cURL, PHP.

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